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Places to visit

The Town that’s love at first sight!



Visit the museums of Chania and learn about the unique exhibits. The Archeological Museum of Chania includes exhibits going back to the Geometric Period (10th – 8th c. BC). At the Nautical Museum you’ll have the chance to see relic from the bottom of the sea. In the villages around Chania there are many Folk Museums that will take you back in time! In Chania you will also find museums such as the Museum of Typography, the School Life Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Chemistry Museum.

Archeological Sites

In the district of Chania there are many Archeological sites all within an hour of Chania. You’ll find sites from the 11th century BC to the Ottoman Empire. Some of the most known ones are Aptera (founded in 8th century BC), Palaiokastro and Itzedin Fortress (founded during the Ottoman Empire), Ancient Kydonia (from where the history of Chania starts), Ancient Phalasarna (an important port of Crete during the 4th century), and Polyrinia (dating back to the 8th century BC).

Churches and Monasteries

At Chania there are many churches and monasteries that many believers visit. The Monastery of Holy Trinity or Tzagarolo is one of the most important monasteries in Crete, since it has rich history. Believers come to visit the Monastery of Chrysopigi every year and the Monastery of Gouverneto or Our Lady of the Angels is one of the oldest monasteries of the island.